Monday, September 28, 2015

Episode 7: A New Beginning

Well, hell was strange. There was a lot of fire. And brimstone. I can't seem to get the smell of Sulfur off my cloak. And the suddenly turning into an Archedeamon is not a fun experience, let me tell you. Perhaps I should start from the beginning as most good stories do, except this isn't a very nice story as you might have already gathered by now.

There I was minding my own business, trying not to worry about the growing dissent within our ranks when suddenly the party decided it had gotten bored of travel by road and ventured forth into the enchanted woods. Now there are many different kinds of "enchanted" and this was was NOT the good kind. One demonic conversion later, I found myself slightly redder and a whole lot bigger. My memories of this time are foggy at best but I feel like a great many evil deeds went down during this particular phase or at least that's what the voices tell me.

When I finally came to, I found myself in a completely different land. I am not quite sure what they even call it. I found myself with ample coin in my purse and a pair of Half-Orcs in my company. Not the brightest flames in the forest but they are reliable and can swing a sword well enough. We were later joined by a Cleric of some disrepute, a Ranger with an animal problem and a Rogue with an affinity for flaming birds. With this rag tag band I have been travelling for a few months now. I believe their objective is hunting dogs of some kind or the other (not sure, wasn't really paying attention to the Half-Orcs - I can never follow their accents) but all we've encountered so far are dragons, wyverns, giants and orcs. Not to say this particular venture hasn't been "lucrative" to say the least. So much so that due to limited carrying capabilities, the party is dreading finding more treasures to have to lug around during our travels!

And so as always, I leave you dear reader, with a composition of my own making that accurately summarizes my experiences so far (this time in a form I picked up from a certain eastern gentleman during an incursion into a certain disappearing tower):

Turned demonic, pillaged and plundered
To a distant land I wandered
Searching for forgotten music

- A Haiku by Elan the Bard of Evensong